What Does a Neck Lift Aim To Restore? What is a Neck Lift Procedure?

What Does a Neck Lift Aim To Restore? What is a Neck Lift Procedure?


As each passing second flies past us, we age. This aging process causes things like weight loss at rapid levels as well as the loss of elasticity in the skin of the neck area. As the skin’s vitality shrinks, the need for a fountain of youth often comes to mind. Although the fountain of youth as pictured by the Spanish Conquistadors still does not exist, its alternative, the neck lift does. The neck lift is in fact a surgical procedure but is considered to be a minor one at that. Basically https://www.vivifyps.com/procedures/necklift/ ┬áin a neck lift, the surgeon will remove the excess and sagging skin from the neck link giving the patient a more youthful look. In some cases, the surgeon may request that you have a liposuction if it is called for or even suggest as an alternative, that you have a Botox injection instead. The ultimate goal no matter how it gets accomplished is the same and that is to give the patient a more youthful look.

Although the neck lift patient can usually return to work after only a few weeks of recovery, it is still a surgical procedure and there is a chance of risks associated with it.

Assuming that your health is good and that your expectations from the procedure are realistic, then you are considered to be a potential candidate for a neck lift procedure. It is also more effective to some patients over other especially when it comes to the elasticity of the neck’s skin. The more elasticity you have in the neck are the better the outcome of the procedure.

In the neck lift procedure itself, the surgeon will make a series of small incisions behind the ears as well as under the chin line in order to remove the fat deposits from under the neck’s skin and also to pull the skin tight after completion of the procedure. Once this skin has been pulled tight the surgeon will then stitch the incisions closed and cut off any excess skin. Some patient may feel some discomfort for the first day or two after the procedure’s completion but in general the neck lift is considered to be painless.

The recovery time of a neck lift lasts for only 14 day in which afterwards the patient may return to normal activities. When the recovery is drawing closer to completion the results of the procedure will be clearer to the patient.