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Every single subject of every single scam story knows that there will be a pay-day when it all will fall to pieces, and yet, all the biggest scammers in the history still choose those ?easy? money and risk their jobs, families, and always lives to earn that money or learn someone a lesson. Alongside the greatest minds of the British film industry from Red Rock Entertainment, it is possible to learn about the greatest scam-story films released in the past five years.

The Infiltrator (2016)
The period of the 80s in the States was drug-cartels running the South. And this story, so scrupulously and grainy depicted by Brad Furman, is strictly one of them. The color palette and the extraordinary cinematography of this film truly recall one of the biggest scams the united states customs have ever worked through. Bryan Cranston is indeed perfectly playing Robert Mazur ? the customs official and his undercover wife Diane Kruger tripped on a mission to take down a part of Escobar?s network. Get ready to dive in to the tequila and nicotine tones of taste and appearance, the feeling of a luxurious life on the edge of a knife between the greatest narco-baron Pablo Escobar and the final assignment while on service and the officials of the homeland. Fear and affected merriness, sincere hesitation and compulsory decisions, these all are The Infiltrator.

American Made (2017)
The scams going two or even three ways are the core of the entertaining crime thriller directed by Doug Liman. Barry Seal is a true historical figure in US history so brilliantly depicted by Tom Cruise along with his white grin, aviator sunglasses, and perfectly attractive shape. Once a typical boring pilot with a perfect wife becomes the centre of the gun, narcotics, and money-laundering schemes for Colombia?s Medell�n Cartel and Nicaragua?s anti-communist rebels. While pushed in to the schemes not by his own will, Barry takes everything from the (un)fortunate cooperation. The good-old voiceover flashback so perfectly intertwined into the story by the director ideally fit the story in to the hall of fame for the best scam story films in accordance with Red Rock Entertainment film critics.

The Wizard of Lies (2017)
The Ponzi scheme by Bernie Madoff, exquisitely played by Robert De Niro, robbed $65 billion from his unsuspecting victims. The Wizard of Lies by Barry Levinson is about this biggest fraud in the annals of america. This film is, however, not about those victims per se, it is about the closest family of Madoff? rock entertainment reviews s and the clueless sociopath not knowing how he robbed about 15% of his own country. As the story of the greatest scam is in the core of this film, it is more of a psychological thriller where the feelings of the primary characters are what matters most. This film falls out from the list presented here since it depicts another side of the story and involves less chasing and action. Nevertheless, it is for people who prefer to analyse the psychology of scams within their core.

Molly’s Game (2017)
This is the directional debut for Aaron Sorkin, who has well been known for writing the scripts for The Social Network, The Newsroom, The West Wing, and many more. While the film is definitely worth the attention of the cinema lovers, those that love cinematography like in The Infiltrator should probably get back to re-watching that film. Molly?s Game continues to be more about words instead of pictures, and this is just about the echo of Sorkin?s previous occupation. However, the extraordinary play of Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom perfectly covers all those drawbacks. Molly?s Game tells a story of Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier whose brain works better still than her muscles because she develops and runs the world?s most exclusive and incorruptible stakes poker game. At some point, this scheme gets to the FBI?s radars which is the moment the viewers step in to the game on the screen.
All of the films above do tell the stories of the great scams, most likely the greatest scams ever that happened within the past century. Each of them is exclusive and same to the others: they all have action and drama, but the first two can entertain with tension and action as the latter are focus on the psychological survival of the lead characters. They are truly top films of days gone by five years within their genre. If you still have not seen them, then don?t wait! Get some good popcorn and click ?Play.?