Tips for Planning Kids’ Birthday Parties

Do you want to throw a fantastic B-day party at your kid’s school?

These easy tips will ensure your party is a smash hit!


  1. Consider a venue for your next birthday party, or one that’s close to your house.

It is wise to always ensure valuable items are safely stored in case they get damaged. Outdoor parties can be very enjoyable, regardless of whether they are held at a local park, or just in your own backyard happy birthday book.

* You can book a local hall if your house is too small. Be sure to choose one with a carpeted floor.

* Be sure to prepare a list of all the things you will need for the party. Local restaurants are also great options for families.

  1. Get the kids involved in party planning.Surprises are fun. However, kids love to plan, and this is an area where they can get motivated to help.
  2. Your child(ren), or their parents, can help plan the theme.You can have them fill out loot bags and blow up balloons.
  3. You should decide the length of the party.Pre-school parties and toddler parties should be between 1 and 2 hours. For older children, it is recommended to spend two to three hour.
  4. Decorate your venue.You can make it difficult for your guests to find the party venue – especially at night. A lot of balloons – not one! – they will all pop! A few balloons will help entertainers and guests find their home.
  5. As your guests arrive, be sure to give them their name tags.Each child should have a sticky tag badge with their name on it. People respond better when they know their names.
  6. Keep all presents organized in a container or bag that can be opened later.If the birthday kid is opening presents at the party, make sure they are moved to a safe place.
  7. Keep your children engaged.
  8. Consider good party food. (See the ‘Things to Need’ section).
  9. The party bags should be prepared and named so that the children can get them as they go.Drop-off parties should be scheduled for 15 minutes before parents arrive.
  10. Make sure you understand that the aim of the day to make your child happy is to make them feel special.It is your special day. Alternative celebrations for birthdays include: birthday plates, breakfasts or dinners with grandma; measuring to see how they’ve grown; reminiscing and looking at old photos or videos of younger years; and sharing memories about “the date you were born”.


* Browse the internet for more creative birthday ideas.

* Be prepared for bad weather by having backup plans for outdoor parties.

* Make sure to tell the entertainer beforehand if you are having a themed birthday celebration. It is forbidden to give anything to the children during the performance unless it has been arranged beforehand. Do not pass out juice, sweets or any other material to the children as it could cause chaos and distract them. Children under the age of two should stay with their parents. Toddlers shouldn’t be allowed to roam around the room during showtime.