Thou Shalt Not Kill – How Does This Commandment Apply to the Church, the Individual, and Society?

Exod. 20:thirteen: Thou shalt not kill. Without argument, the commandment of God with which the race as an entire and the Church in unique has had the most problem, concerning which the maximum confusion exists, and with admire to which the maximum misguided movements of non secular guys have been dedicated is this one. Devout men of the religion had been guilty of violating this commandment and failing their obligations to their households, all the whilst believing that obedience to it’s far one in all their strongest stories to the arena. This high-quality commandment thunders down on us out of the smoke, hearth, and quaking of Horeb, the Mountain of God. But for a long way too lengthy its existence-giving fact has been hidden from our view inside the darkness behind the Old Testament veil. With God’s assist we will open up this trouble and explain the fact of it to all who are interested and inclined to examine.

The Language

First, although, there are a few topics of context, content material, and connotation that I wish to establish. There are a few technical deviations from this which can be too tedious for our discussion and not important which will understand the problem; however usually speakme there are 8 Hebrew and six Greek words translated into the English phrase kill in the King James Version of the Bible.

Hebrew Words

1. First there is Nakah (naw-kaw’), this means that to strike, or to punish.

2. Next there is naqapph (naw-kaf’) meaning violence, to conquer to demise or to assault, as in war.

3. Then there may be mowth (mooth) that means to slay or to be pushed with the aid of necessity. This is exceptional understood as self-defense or defending the ones over whom you have obligation.

4. A fourth phrase in shachat (shaw-kat’); to slaughter, as in making of sacrifices, or a massacre.

5. Another phrase is ratsach (uncooked-tsakh’) which means to kill a person with out simply provocation or in different words, to murder.

6. There is taback (taw-bakh), because of this to Commandments of Christ slaughter animals. This might be for any motive, such as meals, to rid a territory of ailment in herds, sacrifices, or any motive.

7. Zabach (Zaw-bakh’) way to slaughter animals specifically for making sacrifices.

8. An eighth word, and the ultimate Hebrew word we shall take into account, is hawrag (haw-rag’), because of this to smite with lethal cause, or to wreck out of hand. This should imply homicide but it does no longer always.

Greek Words

1. The first Greek phrase of the New Testament I would like to point out to you is phneuo (fon-yoo’-o) which means, and most effective method to homicide.

2. A second Greek phrase is apokteino (ap-adequate-ti’-no) that is to kill outright or to smash as in warfare.

Three. Thuo (thoo’-o) means to kill for the motive of sacrifice,

four. Anarieo (an-ahee-reh’-o) method to put off, abolish, or to position to death.

Five. Diacheirizemai (dee-akh-i-rid’-zom-ahee) manner to lay violent fingers on as in manslaughter because of a combat, execution, battle and so on.

6. And the final Greek word we shall take a look at, that’s sphazo (sfad’-zo) because of this to butcher.

When God gave Moses the commandment in Exodus 20:thirteen, He stated, “Thou shalt not ratsach (rat-tsakh’)” which means and most effective way to take a life without just cause, or to homicide.” Jesus tested this commandment in Mat: 19:18 while He stated: “Thou shalt do no murder.” Here Jesus used the Greek phrase phneuo which means and handiest approach “to murder.” There were 5 other words which Jesus would possibly have used but He did not. He used this one. In Matt. Five:21, 22 Jesus stated: “Ye have heard that it changed into said by them of vintage time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill will be in threat of the judgment: But I say unto you, That whosoever is indignant with his brother without a motive shall be in chance of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, will be in chance of the council: however whosoever shall say, Thou idiot, will be in chance of hell fire.” Here too, Jesus makes use of the word phoneuo, which in particular manner to murder, or to take existence without a simply motive. Jesus went on to point this out by means of saying that he who’s irritated along with his trouble with out a just reason is a assassin.