The National Lottery Supports the Olympics

Rebecca Adlington became the first British woman in the last twenty years to earn an Olympic swimming medal by winning two gold medals at Beijing in 2008. While doing so she also won the 800 meters by breaking the record of twenty years old.

The money via the UK lottery has helped Rebecca in the past and is continuing to help in her preparations for 2012’s Olympics. Rebecca believes that it’s the lottery money that has allowed her access to world-class training, medical assistance and coaching.

Each time a pound is put into UK lottery draw fund 28p is set aside to various charities and 5pc of that will go towards Olympic Games 2012. Olympics.Live Draw SGP

With British National Lottery funds, PS2.2 billion will be used to fund the infrastructure needed for the Games. This amount has an impact over the long term in that these facilities are utilized to benefit London and the rest of the UK. Actually certain portions of the earnings generated from the sale of the sites used for the Olympics are, according to an announcement by the Government announcement will be returned to UK lottery draw money for use by charities and other worthy causes.

17000 officials and athletes will be located at the Olympic village, for instance over 6000 people will be accommodated during the Paralympic Games. The development will be paid for through the National Lottery and will then be part of the redevelopment of the London Borough of Stratford after the Games are finished. It will include the development of a shopping center, and around four thousand office structures, as well as new residences and recreation facilities.

The British National Lottery provided PS265 million in funds to the World Class Pathway programme in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The project provided athletes with the assistance they required and, in turn, these athletes received 140 medals at the Games. Anyone who wants to participate in at the London 2012 Games will receive similar assistance.

However, the Lottery will be funding other initiatives, too. Unlimited is a program that provides arts and sports opportunities to those who are deaf or disabled, for which it is the National Lottery fund has donated PS3 million. It is made possible by the 2012 London Cultural Olympiad.

In order to distribute the funds, the British government set up an agency that was officially established. The council, aptly referred to by its name,”the Olympic Lottery Distributor, will be able to draw income from the UK lottery fund of PS1.8 billion, which will be used to fund for the London Olympics.

It is evident that organising the Olympics is an extremely costly procedure and it is no surprise that the 2012 London Games are no exception. The money raised through the British National Lottery is therefore extremely valuable and is according to Rebecca Adlington confirmed in a recent interview in which she thanked the participants in this UK lottery.

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