The condition of receiving the Thai nationality

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          Nowadays, there are many couples who are married outside Thailand. So they must meet the qualifications and conditions that are written in the Thai law.

●       Before marriage

        The couple must meet the three conditions before legally marrying as follows:

  1. Males and females must be at least 20 years old. If a man and a woman are both over the age of 17, the father and mother of both parties must consent.
  2. You must register with the authorities at a district office in Thailand or with Thai embassy personnel in another country.
  3. If the marriage is formed under foreign law, it will be recognized under Thai law as well.


●   The limitations of the registration a marriage certificate

          Not only must you satisfy the qualifications listed above, but you must also be aware of the constraints in order to avoid the unacceptable in registration:

  1. Males and females who are directly blood relationships.
  2. Males and females who are brothers and sisters with parents.
  3. The adoptees and the adopted children cannot be married.
  4. Males and females who are married and have their own spouses.
  5. The widowed woman is the result of her husband’s death or divorce. Remarriage registration is forbidden within 310 days of the marriage’s termination date.

If you and your spouse do not meet under any of the restrictions listed above, you are free to marry. As a result, you must be aware of the nationality of your children, who will be born as follows:

1.      Thai husband and foreign wife

After registering the marriage, a foreign woman can apply for Thai citizenship by presenting documentation of valid marriage registration to the Minister of Interior for approval. However, even if the Minister allows the acquisition of Thai nationality and the marriage is annulled, the foreign wife can continue to gain Thai citizenship. In this case, whether the child was born in or outside Thailand, the children will gain Thai nationality by blood. However, the father must be the legal father. Even though the father dies before the kid is born, the child still receives Thai citizenship.

2.      Thai wife and foreign husbands

          Foreign husbands can seek Thai citizenship once their marriage is registered. The request is more difficult than in case one since the husband must have resided in Thailand for at least 5 years and have a working knowledge of the Thai language, according to the Thai Nationality Act. Furthermore, the husband must show good behavior, have a job, and have the approval from the Minister of Interior. In this case, whether the child was born in or outside the country, and whether or not the father is the legal father, the children will have Thai nationality by blood. Even though their parents are not married, their children will be granted Thai citizenship.

To conclude, the couple who are married by one person from a different nation, the children will receive the Thai nationality by blood automatically. However, if you plan to live in Thailand for a long term, I highly recommend you to purchase expat health insurance in Thailand from Rabbit Care to be safe in your life. If you are suffering bodily injuries from an accident while living in Thailand, the medical expenses will be covered.