Take a look at the weeds clandestine

I am not much gardening again and our current landscape in Florida doesn’t want to be tangled with too much weed, unless we are tangled with a landscape. However, I partially for weeds.

Even when I was widely roamed while we lived in Long Island, I let Dandelion and Purtlan wild in some patches. I did not try to ride the feeling of gardening of others, but raised the salad for myself. It itself is one of the strong reasons to love weeds. Saute Purslan or Dandelion leaves mixed with garlic and dress olive oil and vinegar made delicious side dishes.

In Florida, such as weeds, there are crabgrasses or other green plants that can be discarded and unknown (at least unknown to me) which tend to take over and strangle other expensive plants that I dare to enter and forget to be careful, partly because we are rare We rarely do home. This weeds have green hue in and resistant to sub-tropical sunlight. From afar, our page seems fertile to people who have never seen what Crabgrass is like. So, how can I call weeds “weeds,” if it’s stupid, at least, some people some time?

According to the publication of “weed sciences” that come in volume and supplements, there are more than 600 weeds in Florida and the new ones appear every day together with mass migration to the south, their seeds and spores ride cars, trains, boats and luggage. With the rapid spread of northern species in the south, we need a parenting plan for weeds, in other words, limiting weed seeds into an area.

Weeds are plants that have flourished in disturbed or cultivated areas and in the sun, shade, or semi-shade. Most invasive weeds. They set the roots Buy weed online immediately and prosperous where other plants do not dare to explore. However, by plowing, mulch, and constant vigilance, one can control the spread of most weeds in the garden bed and flowers.

In fact, Weeds gave some wisdom through their surprising qualities. Most of what we call weeds are extraordinary herbs and have virtue of medicine. We might find them bitter but we can learn from them the most. Just like some people.

Although there is little research on the value of common weed drugs, traditional drugs determine the opposite. Weeds may have a positive impact other than being used as a drug and balm. They can actually repair the ground.

Weed Science Society of America (WSSA.net) has taken a few steps towards that direction, encouraging weed awareness and influence on the environment. For example, weeds like Purstane, Ragweed, Nettles, and Pigweed broke the soil to destroy to bring up minerals to the top layer. They act as a companion plant for garden plants by paving the way for its roots to achieve nutrition, if not, garden plants will not be able to reach. Other groups, such as horses and Sorrels, are proven indicators that the land becomes too sour.

Most weeds can be controlled by introducing biological resources, such as moths and certain fungi; However, recently it is proven that weeds borrow genes from genetic engineering plants to become resistant to insects. Taking an easy way and using large amounts of toxic material can control weeds, but that practice has a higher risk of the environment.

Knowing and recognizing different plant species and weeds can be very helpful for gardeners weekends. Apart from, it doesn’t have to rely on herbicides with their toxic side effects too much, recognizing certain evil weeds such as poison Ivy, Sumac and Horsenettle and away from them will help avoid unpleasant skin rashes.

If plants and people become weeds, it happens maybe because they die. Maybe, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and therefore, they lose their perspective and significance. So, they finally forced ourselves and in our gardens where they were not desirable.

Maybe on time, through a biological way, we will be able to curb