Tactical Bunker Buster Nukes, North Korean Threat, Fallout Issues

Over the weekend some friends and I got together to talk about conflict techniques to prevent Iran from persevering with their nuclear guns development software. We taken into consideration our personal navy weapons, and the way to defeat the underground centers where Iran is enriching uranium, however first we figured we might have to test those weapon systems. We reasoned that we ought to try this in Oklahoma or Nevada. Okay so, did a person already have that idea?

The cause I ask is that Oklahoma had a few unexplained Earthquakes, one a value of 5.6 with 10-aftershocks, or perhaps detonations. Here is the information tale if you doubt this: November 6, 2011 on CNN – “Oklahoma’s largest quake in decades buckles motorway; rattles residents,” which said;

“More than ten aftershocks measuring as NBC air filtration system a minimum three.0 significance had been stated Sunday, within the hours after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake took citizens by using marvel Saturday night. The temblor rattled homes and systems, causing assets to scatter in homes and sending strident, booming sounds thru the vicinity.”

Guess what? Earthquakes aren’t acknowledged to that location, so something is up yes? Sure, and america Military has technology to get to the ones underground Iranian centers, although Iran delusively believes they’re safe from US Military weaponry, reality is they are not even close to being secure. If the USA wants those objectives hit, although 2500 ft underground, underneath stable blue rock, they may be as precise as long past, accept as true with me on that.

Meanwhile, I’d like to discuss every other difficulty for a second if I would possibly. That is that the USA currently dismantled its “B-fifty three” Nuclear Bunker Busters, and made a bid spectacle of it all, why? Does the USA Military have a better weapon, one greater sturdy, capable of do deeper penetration into underground fortresses like those in North Korea, and Iran wherein the nuclear guns improvement are occurring? That really may be the case, considering all this evidence.

What makes me rather curios is why these rogue nations hold to poke and prod us as they do, and fail to conform with UN directives, and the multinational negotiations and talks to come back easy on their nuke initiatives. Surely, these nations examine their records and understand that america isn’t going to permit this to take place and that there may be hell to pay if those nuclear improvement facilities maintain to supply the additives, or create a nuclear weapon. Indeed, I’d ask which you please don’t forget this and that the rogue countries of the sector realize that this isn’t a sport anymore, it is crunch time.