Snooker & Pool – Get a Grip

Do mediums cheat? If so… how can you tell? What are the signs that a medium is making up information, not being truthful or just guessing wildly rather than offering up accurate insights? If you are anything like I once was… the simple truth is that you are open minded, enthusiastic but still cautious when it comes to information that purports to be from the “other side”, right? And the more amazing experiences that I personally have… the more convinced I’ve become of 2 things:

1 – There are people who are in direct contact with 5 world snooker championship results energy and information that does NOT come from this “side” of life

2 – There are LOTS of other people who pretend to be able to access that same information… but instead, are either deceiving themselves or other people, or quite often… BOTH.

Let me give you an example…

Last night I was listening to a popular radio show with a fairly well known medium. A caller got on the phone, and had admitted to having had recently lost a child. The “medium”, a highly paid personality, then proceeded to offer up all sorts of super general, very ambiguous, and completely “average” information about what the child was experiencing on the other side.

I literally had to turn it off, because it was that difficult to listen to. Even the woman who called in, the parent, seemed perplexed at how if this medium really WAS in contact with the energy of her daughter, how she couldn’t come up with anything better than – “she’s not in pain”, or “she’s not angry at you” or “she sends love”.

Here is EXACTLY what to do when speaking to a psychic medium to ensure they aren’t making it up:

Be as PROTECTIVE with your information as possible. Do NOT simply say who you want to communicate with right away, even though you may be tempted to, as it can ruin the reading. (or at least not give you the opportunity to test the medium first)

Try to stick to Yes or No answers. Less information is better than more.

If something is WRONG, say so. Don’t be embarrassed to say – that doesn’t fit, apply or relate to my experience, or the loved one I’ve lost.

Always CALL a medium if possible, rather than see them face to face, especially before you know they are good. Why? It’s much more difficult to do “cold reading” or make information up over the phone, than it is in person. For example, a 35 year old woman with a wedding ring on, who shows up alone is likely to have lost a husband or a child. A 35 year old COUPLE is likely to have lost a child, etc.

The LESS they know about you, the better the reading is going to be for everybody, and the phone offers a layer of protection that can be very powerful.

Lastly… enjoy yourself! Be open, curious and have fun! A medium reading many years ago literally changed EVERYTHING about what I believe about life, death and everything that happens along the way! Open yourself up to the magic, and the mystery… and you’ll be amazed at what you discover, I promise!