PAD – Peripheral Arterial Disease and Heavy Legs – Silent Killer

PAD or Peripheral Artery Disease is a silent killer who silently kills himself with a painful heart attack or heart failure. This disease is one of the growing problems of fasting throughout the world. Those over 50 with heavy legs should be very causes of peripheral arterial disease concerned about this disease. If you have tired or heavy legs, studies show that 1 in 5 people over the age of 50 will have a heart attack. Peripheral artery disease means there is a blockage in the artery in the legs, but sadly it gets worse. What is happening in the legs is also happening in the heart and this is where the person with PAD loses their heart. Doctors do not see the blockage in the legs in a heart test and this is the terrifying part of the disease. The only warning you may receive with this disease is heavy legs. Sadly, tired legs are ignored by many and this is a huge mistake, often their only warning. The only answer to PAD or Peripheral Artery Disease is to clear the artery in the leg and this is what most diets cannot do. Surgery is very expensive and it also causes complications. It is important to find a natural solution to reverse PAD and relieve heavy legs. Waiting is the last thing you should do with this disease because studies have revealed that this disease causes sudden stroke and heart attack without warning but with heavy legs. The answer is a diet that can reverse blocked arteries and increase circulation. There is a diet that has helped many people with this without medication. Tired legs are a sign that the heart is failing.