On Display, Banner Stands and Exhibition Systems

Make an impact at your next exhibition, banner stands and exhibition systems are an exciting medium of presentation, giving instant impact, they are ideal for conferences, retail displays and for additional emphasis on an exhibit stand at tradeshows.

There are many different types of portable banner stands available on the market but some of the most popular types feature an easy-to-use display with a retractable graphic, it works like a window blind, simply slide the graphic up and secure it. This type of banner stand can be set up very quickly, they are great for use in tradeshow booths, retail presentations and product information displays. Simply snap the pole together, pull the display graphic from the bottom base and snap to the top of the pole. When you are finished, the graphic display retracts back into the case. The display graphic is protected inside the aluminium case during transport.

Other types of banner stand use pole, roll up or telescopic means of standing and storage instead of a retractable method, the pole system being the most economical choice while some of the more cutting edge options feature lighting and double sided motorised displays. The choice of system most suited to your needs will be based mainly on portability, budget and how much of a visual impact step and repeat backdrop you want to make as some systems can extend to a height of three metres.

Exhibition systems range from mini counters, pop up displays, display panels right up to large scale custom designed exhibit stands, mini counters are simply a small unit which have a display graphic at the front, these are often seen at supermarkets for product sampling. Display panels are modular panel systems that fold out to form a versatile exhibition solution, they range in size from desktop to full exhibition stands. PopUp Exhibition Stands are systems that incorporate a lightweight frame which effortlessly pops up from a folded position to form a superb graphic presentation trade stand or press kiosk, when not in use it can easily be transported in a rugged wheeled container that fits into the boot of a hatchback car.

Custom designed exhibit stands are the most visually stunning in appearance and require some planning for construction and presentation, they can include additional options such as multimedia systems, advanced lighting, flags, banners and the actual product in such cases as vehicle and home exhibits.

Full colour graphics are usually printed on high quality digital large format inkjet systems. Banners and pop-up panels are printed on top quality vinyl for stunning visuals and a longer lifespan. Artwork for graphic panels can be supplied by client to specification or can be generated at the studio of the display printing company.

Banner stands and exhibition systems can promote products and services with colourful and attractive graphics in an inspiring and imaginative manner, this is essential when attracting potential customers.