Manufacture of Liqueurs

Liqueurs are sweetened, colored & flavored spirits, usually having a base of Scotch whisky or Cognac brandy. They are sweetened with sugar & colored with vegetable pigments. They are basically digestives, drunk after a meal & normally are available very fancy bottles.

Two techniques are used to extract maximum coloration & flavor:

1. Steeping: used to extract flavor specifically from smooth culmination. Fresh or dried fruits, but not nuts, are reduce into small portions & seeds are eliminated as they frequently contain bitter oils. The fruit is positioned in large vessels, into which Scotch whisky or brandy is pumped liquor hong kong from beneath. The spirit remains in touch with fruit for four-6 months, throughout which, due to the movement of the alcohol, the fruit receives mashed up. The solids are separated from the liquid by means of filtration, or distillation if essential. Required sweetening & coloring are added to the distillate.

2. Percolation: used to derive flavors from plant (inclusive of stems, leaves, bark & roots) which can be tough & from which it’s far very hard to extract taste. The favored herbs & spices are positioned, together with the base & boiled (percolated) in big vessels. This is distilled together with the herbs spices. The distillate as a result received is notably concentrated & described coloration & sweetening is added in line with the sort of liqueurs, like tequila are unsweetened & a few have a base of rum.

Some famous liqueurs are:

Advocat: it’s miles Dutch. A sweet yellow liqueur with a brandy-base & egg yolk taste, served at room temp.
Amar Picon: brandy-based totally, dark & sour French liqueur from Bordeaux.
Anisette: brandy-primarily based liqueur flavored with aniseeds.
Apricot liqueur/Apricot Brandy: golden-hued French liqueur flavored with apricots & served bloodless.
Absinthe: inexperienced, French liqueur with a flavor of wormwood & aniseeds, with a brandy.
Benedictine: golden, French liqueur which is highly spiced & sweet & has a flavor of herbs, flora & peels.
Chartreuse: sweet & spicy, liqueur made through monks. It is French or Spanish, & yellow or inexperienced. It has a taste of anjelica.
Cherry Brandy: crafted from Scotch whisky, forty% cognac brandy, 20% cherry juice & 10% mash of cherries. It is offered below two trade names: queen’s cherry brandy & sportsman.
Cherry liqueur: blackish color with a brandy-base & has the taste of black cherries.
Cointreau: colorless French liqueur & flavored with orange. Drop of water can turn Cointreau milky.
Crème de Cassis: blackish, French liqueur flavored with black currants.
Crème d’Ananas: yellow, pineapple-flavored French liqueur.
Crème de Cacao: French liqueur, chocolate brown in color, brandy.
Crème de framboise: made in France. It has colour & flavor of raspberries.
Crème de fraise: liqueur with color & flavor of strawberries.
Crème de menthe: green or white liqueur flavored with mint & menthol & based brandy.
B&B: mixing half cognac & 1/2 Benedictine.
Slivovitz: brandy primarily based with colour & taste of plums.