Make Your Own Lip Balm For Any Occasion!

For every body who’s by no means experienced the lip balm addiction, it is tough to understand. Compared to different addictions, the economic system, poverty, hunger, sickness and private tragedies, this trouble is a minor inconvenience and it is nearly embarrassing to mention. But for the ones people who panic when we can not find our trusty lip balm and cannot go away domestic without it, it’s a habit most of would love to break. This is my tale of how I cured my lip balm addiction…And it occurred by using twist of fate and in handiest 3 days.

Over 40 years in the past, I became added to Avon Dew Kiss Lip Dew in the innocent searching pink tube by using a fellow excessive faculty student. I loved it. Not caring for coloured lipstick, I changed into thrilled that this balm gave a herbal and healthful searching shine to my lips. Little did I recognize how lengthy my love for this product would closing or how crucial it’d VISIT grow to be in my lifestyles. It simply seemed like a nice object to have accessible for bloodless, windy days in Idaho wherein I lived. It wasn’t high-priced and changed into smooth to get. “Ding-Dong, Avon Calling” intended my community Avon Lady was handing over my Lip Dew order. As I moved across the U.S. Over the years, finding the local Avon distributor was on the top of my to-do list once I reached my new home. If I couldn’t find her right away and ran out of Lip Dew, I’d substitute Chapstick again inside the vintage days, but it changed into too waxy and dull lower back then so I was usually searching out my subsequent dealer.

How horrific became my dependancy? If I left the house with out Lip Dew and had time to move back domestic to get it, I’d pressure home. If making the go back ride might take too long, then I’d prevent at a shop and buy Bonnie Bell, Carmex or Chapstick. Later on, the developing lip balm marketplace gave me greater options, which include Burt’s Bees and Neutrogena. Of path, when I turned into home, I handiest used Lip Dew. It remained my favorite. When I ordered it, I’d order 10 to twelve at a time and stash them everywhere in the house and workplace. I’d put a tube in every of the purses I used most often to ensure I didn’t go away home without it. I commonly had one in a pants or jacket pocket, too, which continuously were given ignored when I did laundry and left little grease stains all over my garments. If “ubiquitous” can describe a product, then it described Lip Dew in my existence; it became indeed gift everywhere. The reason I wanted such a lot of tubes available turned into because I reapplied it every 15 to twenty minutes for the duration of the day, and if I wakened in the midnight, I’d snatch my tube of Lip Dew on the nightstand. This were a terrible addiction for many years.

You ought to debate whether or not or not the substances in lip balm motive an dependancy, and thanks to the Internet, discovering this topic is straightforward. Probably the pinnacle website is LipBalmAnonymous.Com which lists many manufactures and discusses the opportunity that they deliberately encompass substances to dry your lips so you crave more lip balm. This website isn’t handiest informative but wonderful because it includes humor to help struggling lip balm addicts loosen up about their habit. I wouldn’t say lip balm elements are bodily addicting like nicotine in cigarettes however there’s no doubt repeating any action frequently sufficient results in a mental addiction this is difficult to interrupt. The bodily attachment to lip balm can be because of licking your lips that you’re likely not aware you do. Licking wears off the balm so you follow extra. Why do you watched the producers add flavors? It tastes exact so that you lick it! You lick it and your lips experience dry, so that you follow more lip balm. Result: You deplete your supply faster and have to buy more!

I might nonetheless be within the dry-observe cycle if not for a chum who is an unbiased distributor for Senegence LipSense and asked me to do that long-lasting lipstick and gloss system. She had in no way heard of lip balm addiction so she didn’t know what she changed into asking! I’m not large on make-up and have rarely worn colored lipstick so this wasn’t a buy I’d normally make. Plus, the few over-the-counter “long-lasting” lipsticks I tried had dried my lips so I needed even extra Lip Dew. Truly, if my buddy hadn’t endured, I wouldn’t have however I ultimately agreed to test this product in a neutral colour for some days. The first day, I notion it became a bit heavy, not like any normal lip balm, however considering that I changed into very conscious of this new feeling, I was reminded now not to lick or chew on my lips. This became undoubtedly what began to interrupt the addiction. I reapplied the gloss after ingesting and a few instances all through the day, but didn’t sense the want to reapply it numerous times an hour. The 2nd day, I turned into still aware of something one of a kind on my lips, but I became getting used to the sensation and my lips did not sense dry. On the third day, I had the real leap forward. I found out past due that afternoon that I had carried out gloss proper after lunch and had then forgotten approximately my lips for hours. Hours! Imagine. In three days, I had long gone from applying lip balm every 15 to twenty minutes to now not applying anything for hours. That approach I could definitely go away the residence for two or 3 hours without carrying “a restoration” with me. Only a lip balm addict may want to understand the sense of freedom I felt!

You do not need this product to treatment your lip balm dependancy. I think any of the over the counter long-lasting lipsticks or glosses might do the identical aspect if you stay with them. “Long-lasting” is the important thing feature to search for. There were three components to my success. One, due to the fact I became conscious there was something distinct on my lips, I have become keenly conscious on every occasion I started to lick them and I stopped doing that. I had read that lips need exfoliating, so I threw that in, too, and used a light scrub on my lips each night which in all likelihood decreased the dry feeling for the duration of the day. Three, since the lipstick I turned into the usage of is lengthy-lasting and the gloss incorporates Shea butter, my lips failed to feel naked, dry or unprotected for hours which ended the sensation that I desperately needed to practice a few lip product numerous times an hour.

Did I exchange one dependancy for every other? No. I’ve virtually gotten busy and forgotten to apply my Lip Sense and Gloss a few days and it became mid-afternoon before I found out it. In reality, I’ve long gone entire days with out some thing on my lips and been at ease, so I’d say, my habit is efficiently damaged. While I can cross without whatever, I prefer the moisturizing and shielding advantages of LipSense due to the fact that I stay in a really dry climate in Arizona. I’m sure I may want to have long past cold turkey for some days to interrupt the lip balm addiction, but the reality is, I wouldn’t even have taken into consideration trying that so this become the simplest solution for me. After having a critical lip balm habit for over forty years, I would by no means have imagined that I ought to damage it ever, and honestly now not in three days. I’m subsequently unfastened!