Hunza Valley – Northern Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most first rate nations within the world when it comes to herbal scenic beauty and diverse cultural values. Although the Times mag and foreign media has rendered Pakistan as a dangerous country, the tourism enterprise of Pakistan is expanding day-via-day. The towering mountains of the north, the super springs, pleasant people and plush valleys invite human beings from all over the international.

The Chitral valley placed amidst the powerful Hindu Kush mountains is really captivating. The valley can without problems be approached through air from the historic metropolis of Quetta. The best time to go to Chitral is from June to September. The population is about 159230. Most of the humans communicate and recognize Urdu language while the neighborhood language is Khowar. The elevation SWAT VALLEY of this valley is 1518 meters (4980 toes). In Chitral the well-known game is polo. Every yr humans from everywhere in the country accumulate to participate in the Shandur polo contest which takes vicinity on the best polo floor of the world.

Another famous visitor destination is the Hunza valley. The valley is thought thru out the world due to the extraordinary surroundings of the surrounding mountains like Ultar sar, Rakaposhi, Ghenta height and Hunza height. The average height of these mountains is ready 6000 meters. In the beyond Hunza was the call of a princely nation bordering China and the local ruler become called as Thum. The elevation of Hunza valley is 2438 meters. It affords the fastest get admission to to swat and Gandhara for people visiting on foot. The best time to go to Hunza valley is from May to October. The people of valley are acknowledged for their friendliness and hospitality. The literacy rate of the valley is ready 90%. The local language is Burushaski. In short the valley is Heaven on Earth!