How to Copy Games – Is It Really Possible?

The way video game technology has evolved over the past 2 decades is enough to make one’s head spin! There has never been a time in history that a product has done so well, spawning repeat sales and being instrumental in drawing families closer: to bond through gaming activities. Markets for video games are now defined by: age, gender, culture, ethnicity and income bracket. Senior citizens will soon be a market force to be reckoned with, as they have also started participating in the family fun.

Xbox360, PSX, PS2, PS3, Nintendo and Dreamcast Mattel Intellivision ROMs are only a few of the gaming brands which are available. Everyone has their favorite; however I myself cannot decide which brand/s I prefer. They are all impressive. The video games that are available now are such interesting story plots and great 3-dimensional picture quality that to me it is almost like watching (or participating in) the making of a movie!

The greatest drawbacks of CD-ROM and DVD-ROM based games (that is, game originals stored on discs) are how susceptible they are to becoming scratched. One has just to hold a disc wrong and the finger smudges left behind could warp the disc, preventing it from playing properly. They can also break easily and are common targets for theft as these games are very much in demand.

In cases like these, owners of the video game that was stolen or damaged may have to consider buying a replacement. However with some foresight, expensive video games can be safeguarded, at little to no cost to the owner. By learning how to copy video games free, back-up copies of these originals can be produced hassle-free.

So with these great reasons in mind for protecting video games, here are a few tips on how to go about making copying of game originals.

Though it makes sense to protect games by creating duplicates, the process of copying these discs is much more complicated. In order to burn an original disc, you must first get past the encryption, which is on the disc. The encryption is only meant to protect the manufacturer’s welfare, by eliminating the possibility of “boot-leg” copies. A special software is available that can break the encryption embedded within the disc, enabling the copying or “burning” of game originals.

Back-up software is available almost everywhere these games and game consoles are sold. They are also sold online. With computer access and Internet “hook-up” one can conduct a simple search through their favorite search engine using the keywords copy video games free.

The keyword search would result in lists of websites offering great discounts and free trial periods to persons scouting around for bargains. Software like the Easy Back-up Wizard can be purchased online for only $50.00 US.