How to Convert in Social Media Advertising without Spending Too Much

When it comes to digital marketing, the social media platform is essential to reach out and connect with a broader, targeted audience quickly. However, whether or not you like it, organic exposure is increasingly becoming more challenging to achieve. Nowadays, it’s unlikely for any brand, individual, or company to go viral online with minimal effort. For this reason, most have begun to incorporate social media advertising into their respective campaigns.  

Of course, it can be daunting to move from organic strategies to investing financial resources into the endeavor. However, it is essential to commit to professionals like a Virginia Beach SEO agency if you’re in the area. Therefore, you must understand every option as clearly as possible. With that said, we’ll discuss a few kinds of ads for social media and how to maximize your efforts without blowing your budget.

  1. Facebook ads

There aren’t many social media platforms as popular as Facebook. With its popularity across various demographics, it’s an excellent medium to begin advertising on. Apart from its ability to enable a brand to build awareness and elevate its exposure, it also helps user engagement by giving them the option to communicate with the business through messenger. As a result, it can increase purchases and lead generation in ways that many others can’t.

    • Photo ads. Many businesses use photo ads because they can drive unique traffic more than other formats. Through the Business Manager feature, you can create the ad. You can also promote it via the company’s page. One tip is to show satisfied consumers using the product if you offer tangible goods to encourage a more positive reaction.
    • Stories ad. With this medium, the displayed media can last for a few seconds. Since they last only for 24 hours, you’ll want to use this ad for limited-time offers because they’re easy and quick to understand.
  • Collection ad. As its name suggests, this type of ad highlights your offerings in the feed of Facebook. They can include either images or videos, pricing details, and other relevant information. Due to its format, it can work well for travel and retail brands
  1. Instagram ads

It comes as no surprise that the ads on Instagram support similar categories to Facebook. The latter does own the former, after all. However, keep in mind that the platform is more popular amongst millennials. If your ideal customers don’t fall within the Generation X and Z demographic, you’ll want to create ads elsewhere, or you won’t see the returns that you’re looking for out of the investment.

Like Facebook, Instagram mirrors its ads. However, there is one exception: Instagram Reels. It’s the platform’s new content format. While it doesn’t offer any opportunities for paid advertising, its novelty can be an excellent way to broaden your organic reach. So if you’re going for Instagram ads, Reels is a good place to start. 

  1. Social media advertising for Twitter ads 

Similar to many other social media ads, Twitter aims to maximize reach, engagement, and conversions. However, it’s worth considering that almost two-thirds of the platform’s audience is male. And if your brand’s target demographic is primarily men, advertising through this digital channel is something you can ill-afford to overlook.

  • Twitter promotes Tweets. Through this feature, the algorithm behind Twitter promotes Tweets automatically to the intended audience. Apart from creating exposure for ten of your first organic Tweets, it also builds awareness for the account to attract more followers. It costs around 99USD every month, and Twitter claims that accounts usually reach an average of 30,000 people and gain at least thirty followers.
  • Twitter ad campaign. Unlike other ad campaigns, this approach requires that you select an objective that best aligns with the goals of your business. You can either create Tweets specifically meant to be ads or organic ones to promote your offerings. For the best conversion rates, make sure that you run your campaigns for both desktop and mobile users.


Social media advertising can be expensive. However, they don’t always have to be costly affairs. So try to incorporate the above mentioned ads into your digital marketing strategy. They will help you maximize your online visibility at a price that won’t break your bank.