How To Become Popular At Tik Tok 

Choice Of Name

It can be done in English.  your eyes are accustomed to nicknames in English. You can take the first word that comes to mind or your mother’s last name. Anything that you think sounds good and is quickly remembered. To become popular on Tik Tok, you will have to compete with millions of other sonorous nicknames for the attention of your subscribers – take this step as seriously as possible. Or vice versa.


Write down your bio – people are interested in knowing you from your words. Don’t forget to say something special about yourself. Try not to forget about this feature when you become popular.


Cut out your best face from the photo and paste it onto some cool backgrounds. Now, this circle is your second me. Try to express yourself to the fullest, and it will be easier for the subscriber to identify you. If you want to download other tiktokers profile pictures use this tool profile picture downloader.


Your first friends are a sunny day or circular light. Tik Tok is awash with poorly filmed videos – be different on the quality side.

Take What You Like

In any social network, you can become popular due to the originality of the content or attractive appearance. Tik Tok is no exception. If you have not yet decided on either one or the other, just do what you like – you will have a great time.


Don’t joke hard, otherwise, even cheating won’t help. This makes it hard for those who have to laugh at your miniatures in return. Tik Tok subscribers don’t have time to upgrade their cultural background, so don’t let your brain overload your sense of humor and others. Captain Natural – let this be your main Tik Tok image.


Follow Tik Tok’s recommendations and music in them: if you come across several videos with the same track, try using it too. This song is trending, which means it will bring you a lot of free attention here is the best site that will help you