Greenhouse Polycarbonate – 10 tip really good

When most people order polycarbonate greenhouses, this is the first time they use material. There is a lot of confusion about how to save it, cut it up, sparkle and install it. This is the answer to the top 10 questions that I receive regularly.

1. Does it have enough energy and tools that are ready when you receive your order. Polycarbonate was sent in wooden crates for protection. Typical polycarbonate orders will weigh more than 500 pounds and full crates may even weighle one ton. Don’t let アクリル棒 加工 this fear you. If you are ready correctly, things will run smoothly. Have several hand tools – snip tin, electric screwdriver, or crowbar will do it. Open coffins and light sheets and are easy to do in multiples. Make sure you have at least 2 people for this. Usually there is a time limit of one hour on housing shipments.

2. Don’t store sheets in the sun directly after you receive it. There is a protective layer on the sheet for shipping purposes. Also, this layer marks the side with UV protection. What happens is that the film will melt into the sheet and you will never do it.

3. Do not remove the protective layer until you are ready to install the sheet. After you remove the protective film from the side marked “place to sun” you will not be able to distinguish it. If the polycarbonate is installed upside down your sheet will not last as long as it is installed correctly.

4. It does have an adequate framing under the sheets especially if you try to fill certain winds or snow. Manufacturers will have this information available.

5. Don’t worry about cutting sheets for gables, etc. They are easily cut and will not be destroyed because some of my customers are worried. They really cut pretty much like a piece of plywood. You can use Jigsaw, table saws or round saws. Be sure to follow all safety prevention measures as usual.

6. Don’t run the rib vertically. Inevitably some condensations will be formed on the channel. If you have horizontal ribs, moisture will only accumulate and stay on the channel. If you run a vertical sheet this will drain the bottom of the sheet.

7. Do note sheets long enough for the project. Don’t try to “connect” sheets in the middle of using H. This will be a leaky and moldy chaos. If, for some reason you can’t get enough sheets, you have to overlap. Still, make the sheets long enough is the best solution.

8. Don’t allow contraction and expansion when installing polycarbonate. The best way is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

9. Don’t predervill your hole for your screw slightly larger than the size of the screw. This is also for contraction and expansion factors.

10. Use a neobond washing machine. Size 1 “is preferred. This is to prevent leaking around the screw.

In closing, don’t be intimidated by polycarbonate. It’s not too difficult to work with him. If you have never used a polycarbonate before, take your time and learn and you will be ready when it’s time to install it in your greenhouse frame.