Food Additives – The Consequences b

Let’s take a look at Aries for you want crimson meals on your food plan. Taureans: benefit from yellow meals with Gemini’s, yellow coloured food. It can all come to be a touch too much at time but in case you observe these easy instructions for a month or two you may see a distinction. Cancerians benefit from inexperienced food in your food plan with Leo’s responding to (what else) orange and yellow foods. Fussy little Virgo’s ought to recollect yellow, green and blue meals! Libran resonate Kashmiri Kesar with crimson and yellow food wherein Scorpio’s being energised through orange food and black foodstuffs. Moving proper alongside we come to Sagittarius wherein yellow, inexperienced, red foodstuffs are discovered useful. Capricorn’s enjoy green food and Aquarians: blue food and white meals. Last however never least we’ve got Pisces: who benefit from blue and inexperienced coloured foodstuffs + liquids.

Orange Foods are correct for cramp pains. Orange ingredients assist re-build lung membrane tissue. Orange ingredients are precise for the ones living in polluted regions, useful inside the recuperation of growths/tumours/warts and taken into consideration anti – spasmodic, exact for skin and bones. Promoting happiness, warmth and pleasure, orange ingredients assist to reinforce the Aura! Help to generate ideas. Oranges: Carrots: Sesame: Pumpkin: Dates: Walnuts and apricots are all stated to be ‘orange’ foods.
Red Foods assist the stream. If your fingers and ft are bloodless put on pink gloves/socks. Helps clear mucus and phlegm from the throat. Red ingredients help in re – building a shattered EGO. Red meals will boom your vitality, virility, and egocentricity selling growth and nicely being. Tomatoes: Cherries: Eggplant: Red Cabbage: Watermelon: Strawberries: Radishes: are all said to be Red Foods. Rye bread is likewise said to be wealthy in RED.
Yellow Foods are a motor stimulant (better than tea or coffee). Is said to offer wonderful magnetic currents, yellow meals make you happy. Good for the mind and worried gadget, outstanding for digestion and constipation. Apples: Peaches: Bananas: Corn: Mangoes: Butter: are all stated to be YELLOW.
Green Foods are a purifier and considered a herbal tranquilliser. Green meals assist to CENTRE ones Self. Helps dilate the capillaries, selling the increase of accurate cells assist inside the destruction of terrible ones. Great for complications and for grey hair! All green greens are Green Foods as are all Grasses. Vitamin B1: Brewers yeast is likewise stated to return below the GREEN Ray.
Blue Foods are beneficial for all intellectual paintings. Good for sore backs stiff necks, sore throats. Has a cooling effect upon the Aura. Plums: Blueberries: Grapes (no longer inexperienced): Celery: Parsnips: Asparagus: Nuts: are all stated to be BLUE.
White Foods are right for the fearful Kashmiri Kesar machine. White bread: Water: Milk: Yoghurt: are all said to come under the WHITE Ray.
According to Numerology the following can be said to boom your rate of vibration.

Number One: Raisins: Saffron: Cloves: Nutmeg: Bay Leaves: Oranges: Lemons: Dates & Honey.
Number Two: Lettuce: Cabbage: Turnips: Melon and Cucumber.
Number Three: Beetroot. Berries: Asparagus: Sage: Apples: Peaches: Olives: Rhubarb & Figs.
Number Four: Spinach: Sage: Wintergreen. Avoid too much meat and too many spices.
Number Five: Carrots: Parsnips: Oats: Parsley: Mushrooms: Nuts and Caraway seeds.
Number Six: Beans: Mint: Apricots and Figs.
Number Seven: Lettuce: Citrus Fruits of a wide variety. Juices: Water and Mushrooms.
Number Eight: Spinach. Marshmallow: Plantain: Celery: Carrots: Potatoes and Onions. All food grown underground
Number Nine: Onions: Garlic: Leeks. Rhubarb: Ginger: Pepper and Horseradish. All spices or red colored foodstuffs are beneficial.
Feel unfastened to bypass in this presentation to those whom you realize may benefit from understanding the colors associated with Astrological Signs and Birth Numbers. This article is for informational purposes only and now not supposed as any opportunity to expert advice given by means of your fitness care issuer.