Envy wigs

Alan Eaton is not a newcomer to the alternative hair industry. His experience and his skills have led him to become one of the leading international wig designers. His innovation and creativity, as well as his experience, make him an expert in product development. Her latest styling venture features a new line of standout wigs for her brand known simply as Envy Wigs.

The creativity and style of his previous wig collections also shine in his new collection. Alan Eaton Envy wigs are available in contemporary short hairstyles. You’ll find wedge styles with razor cut edges, layered shag styles that allow you to puff it up for a spiky look or soften it up for a less edgy look, sophisticated boyish cut with textured layers and soft chin bob styles. . Women looking for mid-length products have various soft layered styles, some with slightly raised ends and face-framing bangs, others with updated pageboy styles. For those craving long pieces, Alan Eaton offers glamorous and sensual waves and curls, or sleek, sleek layers with sharp edges for a more contemporary look. The variety found in the collection doesn’t stop with wig styles and lengths. There are 25 different Envy wig colors available. Please see the individual product pages to see the color swatches available for that particular product.

As always, their hat designs and constructions are at the forefront of the alternative hair industry. The most innovative technology available in the alternative hair industry is featured in this collection, resulting in  hair extensions cheap more natural and comfortable looking wigs. Envy Wigs introduces Eaton’s new Stretch Cap technology. Its stretch hood construction allows you to stretch the perimeter of the wig, relieving uncomfortable pressure points and allowing for a perfect fit for the wearer. Another construction of Alan Eaton’s cap is the capless wig. The open top construction reduces the weight of the wig and cools the cap, reducing perspiration. Capless construction results in a more breathable and comfortable wig. Another special feature to look for in some Alan Eaton Envy wigs is the Lace Front technology. The lace front construction is mostly seen on expensive, high-end replacement wigs. Alan Eaton understands the need for his customers to be accessible and has used Lace Front technology in some of the ready-made products. These lace wigs enhance the natural look of the wigs by creating the illusion that hair grows from the wearer’s scalp. Striving to achieve that natural look, some Alan Eaton wigs have hand-tied strands with Mono Part and Mono Section, resulting in a more natural look.

Envy wigs are perfect for anyone who needs or wants a wig, no matter the reason. Women facing the unfortunate circumstance of hair loss will find beautiful natural looking wig styles within the Envy Wig line. These wigs are also ideal for women interested in experimenting with their hairstyle or hair color. If you want to drastically change your appearance without drastically altering your hair, Envy Wigs is a great solution. So, no matter what your reason for buying a piece, consider the numerous envy wig options that are available.