Coloring your human hair replacement system

The issue of hair dye replacement systems can cause some debate among professionals and hair wearers who work at home.

First of all it is important to know what you are dealing with: reality. Human hair used in hair replacement systems 99.9% of the time is of Chinese or Indian origin. The hair is collected and placed in bulk in tanks for processing. The process includes compressing the cuticle (the rough outer edge of the hair shaft) and bleaching. There are literally millions of hairs from thousands of heads mixed in in these processes, so with every hair system there is no consistency to start with when it comes to hair personality. Once the black hair has been bleached to accept the dye for the variety of hair colors, it is dyed again in bulk in tubs with TEXTILE dyes.

This makes it so different from our hair growing right there. The hair is now subjected to two rather serious chemical treatments and a textile dye color processing. If the factory runs out of color they will often have to take a color they have in quantity, remove the color and dye the hair again to meet the production requirements, now they have added two more chemical treatments and the hair still needs to be permanent to accommodate the movement of the hair. curly. When the consumer uses over-the-counter hair coloring products, they will sometimes be successful. Hair can NEVER be bleached as it will turn green or orange and will often not take on any additional hair color applied. The point to remember is hair replacement systems that this isn’t like the hair growing on your head. You don’t really know how much chemical treatment went into your hair before it lands on your head and the results can be disastrous.

It is suggested that whenever you apply hair color, test a small section of hair first, take your time, always choose a color slightly lighter than the desired color, it is not possible to lighten the system and the hair in the system will require fasting color and darker than you might expect. Of course, the best solution to the problem of hair replacement coloring is to simply make sure that the color of the hair strand matches the natural hair color well. Avoiding dyeing your hair system is always the safest way to do this. However, there is no doubt that often hair users can and will find themselves in a situation where it is necessary to dye their hair and it is in this case that the above tips should be considered to achieve the best possible results and appearance. natural. hair replacement system. You can always check with your hair replacement company before coloring for more advice.