Brilliant Healer Crystals – Elevating Healing to a High Art

Brilliant Healer Crystals – Elevating Healing to a High Art


The brilliant healer precious stones are consistent with their name. As I held the precious stone interestingly, I felt my body re-designing at an extremely profound level. It tends to be utilized for mending on all levels – physical, enthusiastic, and profound. I got a short channel from the precious stones itself: “Fail to remember all you are aware of the past and come to meet the Divine. This is the voice inside that talks in delicate tones, and reveals to you how to live with The Song Healer brilliance, in ideal reverberation with your own tune. This is the genuine importance of wellbeing – when everything is in reverberation. Utilize this precious stone in mending work of a profound sort. It will help you to perceive your own Divine nature just as the Divine idea, all things considered.”


There are a few different ways to start utilizing the Golden Healers. In the first place, for a fast exercise to adjust the chakras, hold the precious stone with two hands about a careful distance over your head. Respite there briefly, and feel your crown opening. (This can be a shivering or vibrating feeling at the highest point of your head.) Then gradually pull the precious stone down the front of your body (around 3″ – 4″ from the body). Stop at the principal/base chakra, at that point wrap up by holding the gem to your heart. This ought to bring a more tranquil, adjusted inclination inside you.


Another great method to utilize this precious stone is to associate in contemplation with your own Divine Nature. In the event that you have a special raised area, or spot of contemplation, bring the gem there, and hold it as you reflect. Delicately inhale, and let your psyche rest – the gem will assist with this. As you sit discreetly, picture a brilliant string of light coming in through your crown. Inhale the light into your body and see it continuing down your spine, to your tailbone. At that point grow this light outward until it fills your whole body and past. Simply feel the glow and excellence of this brilliant light inside you. Feel appreciation for simply being a light on this great green Earth. Express gratefulness for the gift that is your life.


I energetically suggest this precious stone for the individuals who are needing to interface with the mending energy of the Universe in a profound and amazing manner.


Jean Tindle is the proprietor of a web gem site, an educator, healer and ceremonialist who has read shamanic recuperating for more than 13 years with instructors and healers in South America and the U.S. To study the brilliant healer gems and to buy one of these