5 Reasons not to buy a fax machine

Looking for a fax solution? If you think of buying a fax machine then stop! In this article we will give you 5 reasons not to buy a fax machine and what fax solution you should use and why.

5. Expensive to buy

To buy a fax machine you must have several hundred dollars stored. Not to mention the hassle comparing and finding the machine that is most suitable what cell number search is for your needs. There are so many technical details about what can or cannot be done by each machine and if you don’t have knowledge about these types of machines, you can easily be confused. They are not only expensive but they will continue to waste you hundreds of dollars every month too, keep reading to find out why.

4. Paper and ink expenses

To send or receive faxes, you need paper and ink or toner. If you have a business and fax many times per month then you will waste a lot of money for paper and ink costs. As you know a waste of paper does not contribute to helping the environment. Not to mention vehicle owner lookup that you can get rid of paper and ink on spam faxes that you don’t want to print or the fact that you have to print the document before giving him eating through the machine to send it.

3. Additional telephone line costs

To get a fax number you have to call your telephone company and request an additional telephone line so you don’t miss a call when sending or receiving faxes. This also means that when you want to send a fax, you will be charged a fee that can vary depending on where you send a fax. This additional telephone line requires setting and planning fees to see where the cable and cable will take place where you set your fax machine. Also installation technicians will not come on the same day you call so you have to wait until they are available that can be a waste of time.

2. Technical errors and maintenance

Fax machines like most other machines, they finally brake or need to repair. Many people complain about paper jams, busy signal tones, run out of ink and so on. The worst of all these errors can occur at the most uncomfortable time, for example when you need to send or receive an urgent fax. Not to mention that fax machines are the most consuming office machines and when turned off you cannot receive faxes so you can easily lose important faxes.

1. There is a better solution!

So with all the reasons not to buy a fax machine then what should you use to send and receive faxes? The solution is easy and very affordable: Internet fax services.

Internet fax services allow you to receive and send faxes from a computer without the need for special hardware or additional telephone lines. Even many services give you a free fax number when you register and your account is immediately activated.